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Current Situation at CCCB

In the first half of 2020 CCCB was not immune to the effects of the Corona pandemic. But unlike many other ports, Columbus Cruise Center Bremerhaven was not put on absolute lockdown, and it was able to meet the new challenges by creating an emergency plan to deal with returning vessels as well as processing crew sign-offs. Of course these tasks currently require extraordinary measures. Together with the port authority, public health officials and shipping lines, CCCB has succeeded in performing a remarkable achievement in the last few months – in spite of the total collapse of conventional cruise tourism.
CCCB has also been making preparations for the potential return of cruise shipping and there is already a concept in the drawer for handling vessels on the so-called “re-start”. The shipping lines are also tackling the current situation by drawing up plans to prevent the spread of virus-related illnesses and so enabling a gradual re-start in compliance with the requirements of national and international health authorities.